Letni Den means "summer day". It can be quite hot in this part of the Czech Republic during the summer. The name “Letni Den” too represents the friendly summer atmosphere that characterizes this place. Our guests come to our campsite to enjoy their well deserved rest and recreation. To enjoy each other’s company as well as some private time. People recharge physically and spiritually at our campsite. It is our priority to meet anyone’s needs: a safe place for children, challenging activities for teenagers and a place of good company and relaxation for adults.


The lunchroom in Mediterranean style breathes holiday at its best and is open from the early morning till late at night. Our lunchroom is the right place to buy fresh bread, use our free internet, enjoy a perfect coffee, try our delicious ice creams, Dutch snacks, pizzas and more. We light a fire basket at our terrace after sunset and this is the right place to enjoy warmth and unexpected encounters. And even an occasional rain shower does not have to ruin your day, because there is enough space to relax indoors. You won’t lack anything.

Our swimming pool (12 by 20 metres) is open every day during the high season. We open our special toddler pool too when the weather is nice. Another great source of fun is the river that flows along the campsite. Try our exciting footbridge across the river, swing with a rope over the river or let yourself be carried away in your swimming ring by the harmless current. In addition we have an air trampoline and more!

small pool
camping pool
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Map of the camp

Tops: Letni Den

  • Very child-friendly
  • High quality campsite with up-to-date facilities
  • Great animation programme for all ages
  • Refreshing swimming pool for the hot summers
  • Mediterranean lunchroom with fresh bread, ice creams, pizzas and more
  • Exceptional church services
  • Bus trips to Prague and Vienna
  • Austria just around the corner

Tops: the South of the Czech Republic

  • Warm summers
  • Rich history with impressive city squares
  • Low budget, but delicious restaurants
  • Unspoiled nature with babbling rivers
  • Landschap ademt Toscaanse sfeer
  • Affordable holiday destination for families
  • Easily accessible through Germany


Sunday is a special day at Letni Den. Therefore we organize a church service on our terrace. Musicians among our guests play the guitar, piano or drums and one of the guests prepares a short sermon. This makes every Sunday different. What a privilege to meet our Heavenly Father with so many different people.

We consider Sunday as a day of rest. That is why reception, canteen, swimming pool are open from 12 o'clock.